Budo Karate seminar

Content – Andre Bertel Shihan July 2022

1 - Kihon

Optimizing softness, relaxation and snap—“Natural Energy”—in other words, less effort to generate more impact power in waza.

– This will include some old bujutsu waza the participants will not know;

however, I will take time so that everyone is fine and is not left behind.

– It will also include some part drill, but, these will be taken to the next level. So, even if this is the first time in my seminar, theparticipants will be comfortable.


2 - Kumite

This will be done in the context of the aforementioned Kihon and Oyo/Kata applications with special emphasize of Budo/Bujutsu maai.

3 - Kata

This will depend on my perception of the majority of the group. This is a tradition I follow from Asai Sensei, Osaka Sensei et al.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the kata—even if the karateka are unfamiliar with it—I will teach slowly and precisely; furthermore, with the complete oyo.

Lastly, the seminar will not be overly tough. My aim is to make it a great learning experience and relaxing for everyone.

I encourage everyone to bring a notebook as this seminar will have a lot of content that will greatly enhance peoples skill levels.

Let’s enjoy Shotokan—as Budo/Bujutsu Karate—together.

I am looking forward to holding the upcoming seminar in Bavaria. Osu and greetings from Oita City, Japan. — Andre Bertel